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devsoft is Czech limited company specialized in custom software development and solutions

devsoft is Czech limited company specialized in custom software development and solutions. We deliver very unique services that can target your exact business and IT needs. We have been developing enterprise information systems, internet/intranet portals and backends since 2005 and implemented dozens of mission critical systems with guaranteed availability.

devsoft is young, dynamic company – our mission is to provide complex, unique solutions to our customers that completely fit customer's needs. To do so, we use proven, reliable technologies (like Java EE, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle database etc.), modern solutions (like HTML 5, NoSQL databases and distributed systems) and agile approaches to software development. This allows us to fulfil customers' exact requirements at different project stages. Our services don't end with software development, we offer complex services to our customers in form of technical support, IT operations and development or providing software as a service (SaaS).

At devsoft, software development is our passion and we strive to create systems that we would love to use ourselves. We love technological challenges, including distributed / clustered systems, realtime solutions or even emergency / life saving software.


Some of our most recent references

Few thousands customers or few billions?

We offer data warehouse and business intelligence solutions to help drive your business and know your customers better.

We know and use

  • SQL databases – traditional relational databases serve as basis for most information systems. We use Microsoft SQL server, Oracle, MySQL and PostgreSQL
  • NoSQL databases – cloud based solutions that offer unmatched scalability and performance.
  • We use MongoDB, Cassandra, Memcached, Cassandra and CouchDB
  • Data warehouses – consolidated databases that store all your business data for analysis and reporting
  • Business intelligence tools – Reporting, analysis tools, dashboards, KPI, data mining
  • ETL tools – for transformation, integration and sharing data between systems

Custom information systems, build to suit your business needs from the beginning, can offer significant advantage over retail software.

We can analyse yours business requirements and deliver unique solution to meet it, without any compromises and deliver you the solution.

We offer complex services, we can guarantee IS availability, maintenance and support for the IS as well as it's development as your requirements will grow.

We have developed dozens custom IS types, including solutions for:

  • E-Commerce backends and frontends for hundreds of millions of users
  • Complex intranet portals
  • Warehouse management and integration
  • Data warehousing & BI solutions
  • Public transport / electronic ticket solutions/
  • CNC machine operators' efficiency
  • Manufacturing process controlling
  • Auction systems

Key offerings:

  • Complete delivery from analysis to implementation
  • QA testing and user experience analysis
  • Guaranteed SLA

devsoft offers full website / portal development based on Adobe AEM solutions, with emphasis on delivering engaging customer digital experience.

For our customers we aim to create sites in such way that allows reusable components use and allows easy content editing.

We use modern technologies

  • HTML 5
  • Responsive, mobile optimized design
  • Modern JS frameworks (Angular, KnockoutJS, ...)

We deliver mobile applications for corporate (as aditions to existing information systems) and public use.

As part of delivering mobile application to you we will do:

Requirements analysis

  • We want to know what you really need

Design and prototyping of the application

  • You will know exactly how the application will look

We support all mobile platforms

  • Android
  • Windows Phone
  • iOS


  • We can publish the app to Play/AppStore/...

Maintenance and support

  • For rest of the application life

Implementation and testing

  • We use state of the art technologies

Outsourcing of developers is usually good choice for customers that already have existing development going on which they want to speed up with additional developers. We have both provided individuals as well as whole teams for our customers, both in the Czech Republic and foreign countries.

Our employees are skilled professionals with can­do attitude that can help with software development and project management / leadership. Developers skills are key priority for employee development program, we have frequent internal and external trainings for them, making sure they stay up to date with latest technologies and continually improve both their technical and soft skills (especially communication with customer and project management).

Technologies our professionals are proficient with:


  • Java SE
  • Java EE
  • Adobe CQ
  • Spring

Web technologies

  • HTML 5 / CSS 3 / JavaScript
  • JQuery
  • AngularJS

SQL databases

  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • MySQL
  • Oracle

NoSQL databases

  • MongoDB
  • Dynamo


  • C# / ASP.NET
  • PHP
  • C / C++ ­ Linux, MFC, embedded systems


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Contact Details

  • devsoft@devsoft.cz
  • IČ: 29263611
  • DIČ: CZ29263611
  • devsoft s.r.o.
    V olšinách 16/82, PSČ 100 00
    Praha 10 - Strašnice